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Kitchen in New Mills


New Mills


“Jeanne and I are highly delighted with our new kitchen and would  like to thank Steve, Nick and Andy for the quality of their workmanship,  and yourself and Andy for your patience and good nature in helping us  design the kitchen in the first place. Though it took slightly longer  than anticipated, the quality of the end product has proven to be well  worth the wait. The only advice I might offer other couples considering a  new kitchen would be to discuss in detail their expectations. Having  agreed as much as possible in advance would speed the process up and  avoid un-necessary delays through the changing of minds. However, we  found that some issues were better resolved once the install had begun.  It was only then that we were able to visualise the kind of flooring,  paint and tiles that would complement the units.
Once more thanks.”

Mike and Jeanne Daniels. New Mills, Derbyshire

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