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Kitchen design is a complex process that involves a range of considerations to ensure the space is both functional and visually appealing. The layout is a critical factor, with different options such as U-shaped, L-shaped, and open plan designs available. Storage solutions, such as cabinets, drawers, and pantry space, must be carefully planned to maximize efficiency and organization, ensuring that the available components to a door style are used to maximum effect. The design must also accurately encompass fixed room obstacles like boilers and gas/electric meters whilst remaining visually appealing. Lighting is also crucial, with a combination of task and ambient lighting needed to create a comfortable and functional space. Appliances must be chosen based on usage and preference, and materials such as flooring, countertops, and splashbacks must be selected based on durability and aesthetics. Overall, kitchen design should reflect the homeowner's lifestyle and preferences while also incorporating practical elements to enhance the usability and efficiency of the space. To learn more about getting this important prosses correct see our articles page.


Our kitchen furniture will provide both functional and aesthetic benefits for years to come, our cabinets are perhaps the most crucial element, offering storage solutions for cookware, dishware, and pantry items. Our units are solid built using Egger MFC board with an abondance of colour and texture finishes and can be bespoke made to fit the requirements of your kitchen, all our units come with industry leading Blum soft close hinges and drawers. Our doors are mixture of painted solid wood or painted MDF in both Matt and gloss. Worktops are a mixture of laminate, solid wood, granite, and quartz. We have over twenty years fitting and designing kitchens and during that time we have learned what is a good quality component and more importantly what is not. Our product range has been produced with this in mind so when your kitchen is fitted, we can walk away knowing that your kitchen will be amazing that day and years to come. For more information on the benefits of using tried and tested kitchen materials please take the time to read some of our articles on this subject.



Our kitchen installation team can work to your specific requirements, we are happy to work on a supply only basis or we can offer the full project or anything in-between. A full installation typically includes the removal and disposal of the old kitchen, installing all the electrical requirements of the new kitchen, plastering and the kitchen installation itself. We use all local mature tradesmen that we have been working alongside for years. All the tradespeople are working from electrical, plumbing and design notes created between you and our designer through the design process. You will have you’re your own project manager that can be contacted at any time and will guide you through the installation process from start to finish. To here from our previous clients just how good we have become at this please take the time read through our portfolio page. For further, more detailed information about kitchen installations please see our articles page.

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