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Kitchen in New Mills


New Mills


 “We’re so relieved we picked Kinder Kitchens. We didn’t just need new units, we needed the whole room bringing in to the 21 century; electrics, plumbing, drainage and heating. Kinder Kitchens delivered us a brilliant and beautiful, fully-functioning space. Andy and Graeme drove the kitchen design stage, with ‘ease of use’ at the heart of it. Our favourite bits of the old kitchen were cleverly echoed in the new design alongside solutions to old problems. Jeremy Cooper made the magic happen, prepping the area and doing the installation, with a great team on hand at each phase. We’d thought we might be able to get the washing machine and dryer out of the kitchen and under the stairs to give us more space. Jeremy not only relocated them, he designed and constructed housing that elegantly hid them from view and made a utility cupboard alongside. In the main kitchen Jeremy delivered, underfloor heating (after he’d leveled the floor!), a new ceiling and lighting, new drainage and old boxed-in pipes were routed out of sight. Nothing was seen as a problem, just challenges to be overcome. Every little detail was finished perfectly. Jeremy thought of elegant ways to get round every problem and historic ‘lash-up’ he came across.

We’ve got a warm, beautiful kitchen for the first time! Kinder Kitchens made the whole thing happen smoothly and professionally. If you get a chance to work with them, grab it!”

Deb and Eddie Pitman, New Mills

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